Book now to start your fitness journey!
Book now to start your fitness journey!

About Us

As a all level fitness company, Gym_Addict 365 LLC was founded in 2017. Aiming to help individuals achieve their daily and long term fitness goals. Pushing the boundaries of the client to help them achieve greatness they’ve never knew existed. While Gym_Addict 365 is tailored to the clients needs and wants, saftey is the main priority.

Each client will need to go through an observation to know where they are currently in their fitness and if they have had any previous or current injuries.

Training at Gym_Addict 365 you are given the luxury of having the trainer travel to your desired location.

We also provide an online sportswear store with premium quality athleisure wear and sporting goods, ensuring trust in every product. There is a passion to provide products with a focal point of fitness and style.