Book now to start your fitness journey!
Book now to start your fitness journey!

Meet The Trainer

Former collegiate & professional athlete. Now fitness trainer, Sam, enjoys helping others meet their personal fitness goals.
With over 10 years of personal training experience, he has helped his clients increase their strength, lose weight, and improve their speed & agility.
Sam shares with clients that fitness starts with the mental. That’s why he strongly feels “A fit mentality is a fit body”.
Apart from providing one on one personal training that Sam has been doing for numerous of years. In 2019, he launched his group fitness training classes where attendees are encouraged to bring an “accountability partner” for moral support. With a positive attitude and a team oriented fitness plan for each class, attendees will enjoy their time while accomplishing their goals. The classes are high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, & result driven.
Through his fitness company Gym_Addict365 LLC, Sam continues to inspire and help many achieve their fitness goals!